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At Captured Branding, our mission is to empower businesses to unlock their utmost potential by meticulously planning strategic brand initiatives. Our seasoned Brand Strategists collaborate closely with you to discern your distinct requirements, curating a customized strategy finely tuned to your business.

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Rely on our experienced team with a documented history of achievements to steer you toward realizing your Marketing aspirations. Trust in excellence at every step.

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Brand Strategy

Boost your brand with our unparalleled Brand Strategy at Captured Branding. Our seasoned strategists will tailor a transformative plan aligned with your objectives. Take charge, engage with us, and schedule your 30-minute Discovery Call. Unveil your business potential!

Grow Your Vision

Ready to redefine your brand narrative? Elevate your market presence with our expert Brand Strategy services. Let's craft a compelling story together.

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Content Creation
Digital & Physical 

Elevate your Business Market Strategy with our Graphics and Arts service at Captured Branding. From impactful social media campaigns to tangible promotional materials, our expertise sets you apart. Distinguish your brand with personalized creations. Contact us for success-driven visual strategies!

Branded Moments

Our team at Captured Branding is committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our branded portfolio showcases our creativity and expertise in developing memorable and effective branding strategies. Discover how we have helped our clients achieve their goals with our comprehensive marketing solutions.

apparel Branding

We offer a variety of products and services including Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Phone Cases, Embroidery, Apparel Graphic Printing, and Custom Graphics.

environmental branding

Wall Art, Signage, Displays, and other Branded Environments designed to engage customers and enhance Brand Perception

graphic DESIGN

Logo Design, Promotional Marketing Materials, Shirt Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Video Graphics.


Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Copyrighting, Market Research, Facebook Ads, Radio, Commercials



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Sale Branding

Market Execution

Empower your brand at the crossroads of strategy and implementation with Captured Branding. Our seasoned specialists seamlessly translate goals into tangible market success. Market Execution is your ideal companion for a transformative journey. Connect with us today!

Success Story: Digital Countermeasures, Inc.

Digital Countermeasures, Inc. is a pioneering Information Security company dedicated to Information Assurance and Privacy Awareness Education. DCM's mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of multicultural cybersecurity leaders through comprehensive IT Security & Privacy Awareness Education.


Our Journey with Digital Countermeasures:

In 2015, our business design and advisory team embarked on a transformative journey with the owner and founder of Digital Countermeasures. Through personalized business creation support, we helped lay the foundation for what has become a leading force in cybersecurity education.


Our shared vision was to make Information Security training and certification courses accessible both locally and online, at an affordable cost for minority youth and professionals. These courses are taught and delivered by an Information Security Subject Matter Expert, ensuring high-quality education.

Design and Implementation:

Working closely with the founder, our design team meticulously formulated the company's objectives and market goals. Over several months, we provided continuous advising, coaching, and design services, resulting in a comprehensive business plan supported by market and competitor research. We developed an extensive training curriculum, culminating in a 400-page, up-to-date training manual. Our collaborative efforts included bringing together five computers and designers to consolidate and modernize the crucial educational content.

Captured Business Solutions facilitated the entire process from initial concept to the launch of the first training course, and ultimately the company's transition to an online platform in 2020.


Today, Digital Countermeasures, Inc. stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning, dedicated coaching, and innovative design. Our partnership has enabled DCM to empower future cybersecurity leaders, making a significant impact on the community and the industry.

Our Services:

  1. Business Coaching

  2. ABusiness

  3. Filing Legal Representation

  4. Curriculum Building

  5. Website Design Management

  6. Marketing Advisory

  7. Business Strategy Development

  8. Network Agency

  9. Event Coordination

  10. Digital Media Production

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Step into success with the Captured Branding Network! Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and join a community committed to excellence. Explore our portfolio and envision your brand's success. Ready to stand out?


RVZilla is a comprehensive online platform and marketplace connecting RV renters and owners. From vintage Airstreams to toy haulers, fifth wheelers, and Class A, B, and C RVs, RVZilla offers a wide selection of trailers and motorhomes. Focused on enhancing the end-user experience, RVZilla helps campers create unforgettable memories with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Our Journey with RVZilla:

As one of the latest entrants to the sharing economy, also known as the peer-to-peer (P2P) economy, RVZilla allows buyers and sellers to negotiate terms directly online. Just as Airbnb connects private homeowners with travelers, RVZilla facilitates transactions between RV owners and campers. For RV owners, RVZilla's platform offers a way to monetize their RV and camper vehicles, while campers gain easy access to RV rentals for quality time with loved ones.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our lead design team was contracted to provide one-on-one advisory and counseling services to the founder and owner of RVZilla. Through extensive video conferencing sessions, we worked to pinpoint and refine the present and future goals envisioned by the founder.

Success Story: RVZilla

Our Services:

  1. Complete Business Design

  2. Video Conferencing

  3. Advising

  4. Business Plan Writing

  5. Competitor Analysis

  6. Go-to-Market Plan

  7. Financial Summary

  8. Investor Plan

  9. Seed Round Advising

  10. Target Audience Analysis

  11. Marketing Plan

  12. Industry Analysis

  13. Company Structure Plan

  14. Product Costing

  15. Brand Building


The founder envisioned a seamless, connected experience for families and the RV rental and sports vehicle community, encompassing full-service rental, purchasing, and care.

Design and Implementation:

Our design team closely aligned with the founder's values and vision, identifying the desired impact and direction for RVZilla. Through comprehensive advising sessions, we determined that a full design effort was essential to realize the founder's vision. Our team provided continuous support, helping to shape and implement the strategic roadmap.


Today, RVZilla stands as a vibrant marketplace, successfully bridging the gap between RV owners and campers. Our partnership has been instrumental in bringing the founder's vision to life, offering a platform that enhances the outdoor experience for countless families. Through strategic planning, design, and advisory services, RVZilla is now a trusted name in the RV rental and sharing economy, making a significant impact on the industry and its community.


Our Services

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